Speed Meeting

Speed Meeting has evolved!

We heard your feedback, and we’re replacing Speed Meeting with a brand new, redesigned event that is more sensory-friendly, more accessible, and that will give job seekers even more choice in their next employment adventure.

Our new employment event, Hire & Seek, launches during National AccessAbility Week. Registration is open now, click here to join us on Thursday, June 1st!

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Speed Meeting: What Worked

The goal of our Speed Meeting events was always to connect inclusive, accommodating employers with talented job seekers and to find a match that would work for both parties over the long term. By this measure, Speed Meetings have always been a great success. Over 22 events we saw hundreds of job seekers hired by dozens of trusted employers. 

Speed Meeting: What Needed to Change

One of the selling features of Speed Meeting was that it was a fast-paced event. Job seekers would spend only 3-5 minutes with each employer, but they would meet 12 employers in one sitting. While this was efficient, it was also overwhelming for a number of job seekers and for some employers as well.

Hire & Seek: More Time, Less Stress

Our new employment event, Hire & Seek, will offer job seekers more time to spend with each employer. As well, these meetings will no longer take place in one large room. Job seekers and our carefully chosen employers will meet in individual offices free from the noise and distraction of other interviews.

While these interviews will still be limited in time, there will be no more 5 minute stop watch to worry about. Employers will have more time to ask questions and reflect, and job seekers will have more time to learn about each employer and to exhibit their strengths and skills.


Hire & Seek: More Choice

At a Speed Meeting event, each client would meet with all 12 employers. At Hire & Seek, job seekers will be given a list of employers in advance, and will schedule interviews only with the employers they have chosen.

While we take care to ensure that our employers are all inclusive and accommodating, we know not every job is right for every job seeker. At Hire & Seek, you’ll be able to spend your time more wisely by meeting only with the employers you’re most interested in. The choice is up to you.

Employer Testimonial

Let one of our inclusive employers, Jake Siegner of Volcano Construction, tell you about their Speed Meeting experience!

“I was blown away with the candidates I met…and demanded a number of them be interviewed by my various departments. I definitely believe the Speed Meetings are a win-win for employers and reachAbility’s job seekers. I will attend a future session and will tell other employers about the opportunity!”

— Carly Sorenson – Human Resources Advisor, Casino Nova Scotia

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