Speed Meeting

Our next Speed Meeting event is scheduled for November 17th! Click the button below for more details and to register.

Job seekers and hiring managers sit across round tables from each other conducting interviews at our last speed meeting event.

What is Speed Meeting?  It’s the best way to maximize your job opportunites in the minimum amount of time. In five minute intervals, you’ll sit down to meet hiring managers representing ten companies and over fifty divisions, all looking to expand their workforce. You’ll get interview practice, resume feedback, valuable networking experience, and you’ll learn about dozens of job opportunites all in one place, all in under an hour. Make a good match and you’ll be selected for a follow-up interview. Or two. Or three!

To misquote a famous slogan, this isn’t your grandfather’s job fair. It’s a fast, efficient, and surprisingly fun way to get hired for the job that’s right for you.

Why does it work?

The goal of Speed Meeting isn’t finding jobs for our Job Seekers, it’s about practicing skills and getting constructive feedback in a supportive environment. So we’re thrilled that our Speed Meeting program has a nearly 50% employment rate! Why? Because when you combine hiring employers with eligible and qualified candidates in a supportive and inclusive environment, a “right person, right job” is bound to happen.


Employer Benefits

Employers who participate have found dozens of candidates they plan to interview for their available opportunities and are booking to take part in future Speed Meeting events! Hiring employers get to meet, interview and pre-screen job seekers without the obligation of hiring. They are greeted by our employment team and through an interactive discussion, are given a plethora of resources about the ease of accommodation in the workplace, the business case for inclusion and diversity, and tips and resources about the accessibility legislation and financial support available.


Employer Testimonial

Let one of our inclusive employers, Jake Siegner of Volcano Construction, tell you about their Speed Meeting experience!

“I was blown away with the candidates I met…and demanded a number of them be interviewed by my various departments. I definitely believe the Speed Meetings are a win-win for employers and reachAbility’s job seekers. I will attend a future session and will tell other employers about the opportunity!”

— Carly Sorenson – Human Resources Advisor, Casino Nova Scotia

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