Employment Support Services

At reachAbility, we don’t just get you ready to work, we help you find the job that’s right for you, and then we help ensure it works for you, and your new employer. Here’s how:

Pre-Employment Support

Before you enter or re-enter the workforce, our Pre-Employment Support (PES) Navigator will meet with you to ensure that you have all the skills, tools, and information you need to start your new employment adventure. 

Ways we help:

  • Establish work readiness
  • Create an action plan for starting work
  • Connect with education, employment, or volunteer opportunities
  • Connect clients with other reachAbility programs and supports
  • Connect clients with other community partners

Job Developer Support

Our Job Developers work one-on-one with you to help find a job that’s the right fit for your skills and interests.

The Job Developers take the time to get to know you as an individual, working through your barriers to employment, and narrowing down what is going to work best.

Through individualized support, the Job Developer is able to seek out opportunities that match what you want and need.

Ways we help:

  • Navigate employment barriers
  • Provide individualized job search support
  • Assist with customizing resumes and cover letters
  • Seek out shadow job opportunities
  • Attend job fairs and interviews with you

“All of my resumes and cover letters were proofread, and they helped me write a resume that would really fit the kind of work I was looking for. I’ve found many opportunities through the support of reachAbility.”

— Lowell

After Employment Job Developer

Once you’ve been hired, our After Employment Job Developer works with you one-on-one, for up to three months, to help manage any issues that may arrive and to help navigate barriers you may face at work.

Our After Employment Job Developer will, at your request, advocate directly with your employer for accommodations within the workplace.

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