Building on Self-Confidence and Self-Awareness Pilot Project 2024


Over 12 months reachAbility will deliver 16-18 two-week sessions for participants referred to by Nova Scotia Legal Aid and other court interventions. These clients will be individuals living with cognitive and mental health challenges who are in conflict with the law. The program will offer both one-on-one and group sessions that are meant to provide next steps beyond the criminal justice system.

Low self-esteem, stigma, emotional management & emotional intelligence will all be discussed in a trauma-informed environment.  Anger management will be addressed head-on. With over a decade in providing anger management training to hundreds of clients, reachAbility has proven our capacity to lead in this area.

The why us is best addressed by considering next steps for participants. By creating a seamless referral system for program participants to reachability’s award-winning programming & services (from employment to volunteerism, wellness sessions and our in-house counselor) all in support of their success.

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