Our Values

At reachAbility, our values are the lens through which we see our clients, our work, our colleagues, and our community. It was very important to us that every staff member at reachAbility collaborated in determining our values. After coming together as a group to examine our actions and our goals, individually and as an organization, the team narrowed our list of core values down to five.


These five values inform our actions, our decisions, and our future direction. We strive every day to ensure that everything reachAbility does reflects all of these core values.

Two hands, one light skinned and one darker skinned, fist-bump close up.


We believe that creating a safe space where all voices can be heard begins with respect; respect for ourselves, our community and each other.


We are committed to empowering our clients by providing tools that promote independence. We as a staff strive to embody balance and autonomy in order to promote it.

A person in a white dress shirt stands at a railing facing the sky, his right fist is lifted in the air.
A woman in a gold patterned head wrap sings passionately into a microphone.


The reachAbility team shows up every day powered by a sense of optimism and genuine care for our community. The commitment we bring comes from a sincere belief that we can make real, measurable, positive impacts in the lives of the people we serve.


At reachAbility, we are committed to establishing and upholding honesty and transparency with all members of our community. We believe in promising only what we can deliver and delivering on those promises in an inclusive and safe place.

Three gears with interlocking teeth are labeled "Ethics, Integrity, and Honesty"
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Our agency, clients and community are better served when we work together and consider diverse perspectives. This inclusive approach is integral to our commitment to both clients and our community.

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (EDI) Committee Mission Statement:

reachAbility’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee seeks to ensure that the staff of reachAbility are as diverse as the community we serve. By maintaining this focus through our hiring and outreach practices, we seek to better represent, understand, and serve marginalized communities. This includes but is not limited to persons living with disabilities, 2SLGBTQ+ individuals, and members of the African Nova Scotian, Indigenous Canadian, and immigrant Canadian communities.

 Are you ready to start your organization’s journey towards a more diverse and inclusive culture?