Win, Win, Win!

The cover of "Win, Win, Win," by Tova Sherman. Title and author are in black font on a white background. On the left side of the cover, slices containing small parts of the artwork inside the book are shown.

Win, Win, Win : The 18 Inclusion-isms You Need to Become a Disability Confident Employer is both a thought provoking piece of literature for today’s business leaders and a tribute to the tremendous artistic talent of Nova Scotian artists.

Twenty years ago a group of dedicated stakeholders chose to serve the underserved by starting an agency known as reachAbility. The agency, dedicated to the inclusion of people with disabilities (and beyond), grew quickly but never lost sight of the importance of equalizing the playing field for all. In 2015, reachAbility introduced BAAFF (Bluenose Ability Arts & Film festival) a far-reaching festival dedicated to providing a voice to the disability arts community.

The melding of reachAbility and BAAFF has resulted in “Win, Win, Win” an important resource that is encapsulating decades of inclusion expertise into what we call Inclusion-isms.

Tova Sherman, Author, CEO, Co-Founder