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At reachAbility we offer many services to the few. That means whether you’re coming to us for employment workshops, self-management help, or for assistance that might fall outside our traditional programming, we’ve got you covered. You’ll have a one-on-one intake meeting to assess your needs, and we’ll work together to plan a path to achieving your personal goals. You’ll be supported every step of the way by compassionate and dedicated staff in a safe, supportive space.
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Our Latest Ideas, Insights, and Success Stories

NAAW NS 2024 Starts May 26th!

NAAW NS 2024 Starts May 26th!

Imagine a Canada where no one is left out. A Canada that does not just accommodate disability, but one that is disability inclusive from the start. That is the Canada we are creating – for everyone. We invite you to join us for National AccessAbility Week (NAAW),...

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BOSS24 Pilot Program

BOSS24 Pilot Program

Over 12 months reachAbility will deliver 16-18 two-week sessions for participants referred to by Nova Scotia Legal Aid and other court interventions. These clients will be individuals living with cognitive and mental health challenges who are in conflict with the law. The program will offer both one-on-one and group sessions that are meant to provide next steps beyond the criminal justice system.

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Meet reachAbility. Your resource for diversity and inclusion.

So what exactly is reachAbility?

reachAbility provides supportive and accessible programs that build capacity for inclusion and equalize the playing field for people facing barriers.

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We Empower People

Everybody needs a little support sometimes. Take charge of your life direction with support from reachAbility’s programs designed to help you discover your potential.

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We Create Inclusive Workplaces

Creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace doesn’t just happen. That’s why we provide customized training for employers who want to make their workforce more welcoming and accessible to all.