Client Services

Everybody needs a little support sometimes. Take charge of your life direction with support from reachAbility’s programs designed to help you discover your potential.

Getting Started

One Step Closer

One Step Closer supports personal development. You will identify your strengths, practice effective communication skills, and build resiliency in a supportive environment.


BOSS, or Building on Self-Awareness and Self-Confidence, helps you understand your relationship with anger. It introduces alternative strategies to expressing this emotion while learning the impact of anger on the body and the brain.

Steps To Wellness

Steps to Wellness sessions offer information and experiences that help you manage stress and respond to daily challenges in a healthy way.

 Getting to Work

Employment Boot Camp

Employment Boot Camp is designed to provide people re-entering the workforce with the guidance and individualized support they’ll need to find success.

Ready, Set, Success!

Ready, Set, Success! allows people facing barriers to employment to be reacquainted with existing skills and explore new job opportunities through group and one-on-one support.

Job Developer

Our Job Developer works closely with individuals after they’ve completed one of the employment programs. By getting to know their needs and abilities, the Job Developer is able to match participants with hiring employers.

After Employment Job Developer (AEJD)

Our After Employment Job Developer offers one-on-one support to people who’ve found employment through our programs and helps them navigate through the first three months in their new job.

Meet Mercedes

“I feel an incredible difference in myself”

Mercedez proved herself to be thoughtful, cheerful, and very capable. Not only did she participate in class, she made sure that other new-comers feel welcome and comfortable, and also volunteered her time with our 100% Store entrepreneurial initiative.