Steps to Wellness

Learn healthy ways to manage the challenges and stressors of life in our Steps to Wellness sessions.

Anyone enrolled in any of reachAbility’s programs will have the opportunity to participate in Steps To Wellness sessions.

Our wellness coordinator will meet with you when you start at reachAbility, and will be available for one-on-one sessions throughout your journey.

What are wellness sessions?

  • Individual, personalized one-on-one sessions with your wellness coordinator

  • They address a variety of factors concerning mind, body and spirit

  • You will practice strategies and techniques for regulating emotions and coping with challenges

  • You may process difficult experiences to integrate their meaning, purpose and significance in our lives

  • You will learn to challenge the thoughts, beliefs, assumptions and judgments that create our perspectives and perceptions

  • Wellness sessions encourage healthy self-awareness and understanding to promote growth and change

“Doing self-care every day makes me feel good about myself. This has motivated me to move forward and stop dwelling over the past. I am in CONTROL OF MY LIFE!”

— Brittany