The Joy Spark Project aims to deliver uplifting digital content (video and written content) on the theme of sparking joy in our lives as we move towards a post-Covid world.

Three women are shown against a background filled with colourful sparks. Text reads "Joy Sparks: Watch episodes 1-3 at"
Welcome to Joy Sparks!

Here at reachAbility we’ve heard a lot from our clients and community partners about the increase in stress, anxiety, and depression they’re experiencing directly or witnessing among their clientele since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As the pandemic recedes, the stresses associated with it have largely remained. That’s why we’re launching Joy Sparks, a project designed to find and share the little things that spark joy in your daily life.

One of the things that sparks the most joy for us is accessible content! Many mental health resources, especially those with video content, are inaccessible to some degree to those with low/no vision or low/no hearing. Most social media marketing for these programs is similarly inaccessible.

As with all reachAbility content, we are committed to making our all elements of the Joy Sparks project as accessible as possible. This means closed captioning on all our video content, alt-text and camel-text on all photo content, and online written content that is presented in plain language, in easily readable font, and in a way that is compatible with all common screen readers.

If you have ideas on how we can make our content even more accessible, we want to hear from you! Leave your ideas in the Joy Sparks Community Forum, or email us at

You can watch the first three episodes of Joy Sparks now on our YouTube channel at