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reachAbility’s Social Enterprise is dedicated to opening doors to inclusion and belonging for all our citizens. One of the ways we do this is through our training modules. Combined with our consultation arm we are a One Stop Shop for your Inclusion Learning Needs.


Some samples of modules we have recently presented:

Being a Disability Confident Leader

Referencing her recently published book; Win,Win,Win: The 18 Inclusionisms You Need to be A Disability Confident Employer Award-winning presenter, Tova Sherman will guide you through the key elements of becoming and staying a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Time requirement: This module can be both a half or full day session
Recommended for: Leaders, Managers, HR Professionals, Staff & Community
Maximum Class size: 25

Facts, Flags & Forward-Thinking

Mental Health in the Workplace is the number one reason for both short & long term disability in Canada. We can no longer ignore it – nor should we want to. This brief module is a great primer to “remove the stigma” around discussion of mental health challenges in your workplace.

Time requirement: This module is 2.5 hours
Recommended for: General Staff, HR, Managers
Maximum Class size: 25

Hiring & Retaining The Best

Beyond the overview this module offers step by step actions from the Job Ad to the Orientation of new members of your Team. If you want to ensure creativity and diversity in your workplace than this module is a must.

Time requirement: This module is a full day session
Recommended for: Leaders, Managers, HR Professionals
Maximum Class size: 20

Making A Difference Because You Can

This upbeat and inspiring presentation is a great teambuilder or keynote for any event. Award-winning author Tova Sherman will challenge and inspire.

Time requirement: This presentation is from 30-90 minutes
Recommended for: Leaders, Managers, HR Professionals, Staff & Community
Maximum Class size: 5-5000

Work-Life Balance

Balance is something we hear about a lot but what is it and what tools are available to support you in achieving balance. Enjoy building your stress management tool-kit as we delve into work-life balance in today’s shifting Workplace. This session is also a great Teambuilder.

Time requirement: This module is a 90 minute – 2hour session
Recommended for: Everyone
Maximum Class size: 25-50

Disability Awareness: Creating A Welcoming Culture

If your workplace is at the beginning of the journey to inclusion this module is a must. Understanding why to be inclusive and gaining buy-in from the top down is what this session is all about. From the most recent laws relating to disability and inclusion to the very best practices in equalizing the playing field for all your employees – everyone will want to attend this hands-on learning.

Time requirement: This module is a half day or full day session
Recommended for: Entire Staff
Maximum Class size: 20


reachArts provides knowledge, resources, and training for organizations in the arts and culture sector to ensure that their events and festivals are accessible and welcoming to all.

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Additional Keynotes

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  • Gold Seal Training: Introduction to Disability
  • ADHD Super-Stigma or Superpower?
  • Screening In-Not Out!
  • The Laws Around Inclusion: 2021 Edition
  • Removing The Stigma
  • New Business, Next Practices: For New Businesses

Most training available via Zoom, Webinar or Live
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All Modules include tool-kit, handouts, certificates
Letters of Support available

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