Pillar 3: Customized E-Learning

There are so many important lessons to be learned around DEIB, more than your team could learn and retain in a single training session. That’s why reachAbility offeres e-learning solutions customized to your organization’s needs.

Designed as a series of easily digestible modules, our e-learning training sessions test and score users to ensure maximum retention. All of our e-learning modules are SCORM and WCAG 2.0 compliant and have been tested by users with disabilities to ensure maximum accessibility.

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Built to Suit Your Needs

reachAbility’s e-learning modules can be purchased individually, or for all members of your work team.  Sessions can be as long or short as you need, and they can be scaled to accommodate a team of five or five hundred. Whatever your needs, we can customize our learning solutions to suit your organization and keep your team informed and inspired.

The Disability Confidence Help Desk

Scheduled to launch in late 2023, the Disability Confidence Help Desk will be your go-to resource for all questions around Disability, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in the workplace. There’s no question too complex for our dedicated team of DEIB and HR experts! 

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Want to learn more about our customized learning options? Contact us using this form and we'll help you discover an education solution tailored to your individual needs.