Our Board

Serving on reachAbility’s Board of Directors is a great way to show your commitment to equity, inclusion, and accessibility in our community.  If you’re interested in volunteering to serve on our board, please fill out our board member application form here.

Two men and one woman sit at a banquet table with microphones in front of them. The man on the left has a beard and is wearing a black baseball cap. The woman in the centre has long grey hair tied back and she is smilinmg at hte man on the left, who has his hands clasped and is closest to the microphones.

Attend Five Meetings per Year

As a volunteer board member we ask that you attend one meeting per quarter (every three months), as well as our Annual General Meeting. Your role as a board member in these meetings is to provide oversight and advice to reachAbility’s management team, and to ensure that the community you represent is heard and their needs are reflected in our decision making process.

Professional Development Opportunities

As a board member you will have the opportunity to attend professional development and training sessions provided by legal and HR experts. Take the lessons you learn at reachAbility back to your own organization and help make it a more accessible and welcoming place for everyone.