Success Story: Marcel

Aug 24, 2020 | 0 comments

Marcel came to reachAbility looking for support finding a job. He faced multiple barriers to employment and had limited experience. He was trained as a cleaner, including using industrial cleaning machines and he was proud of this skill set. He had a positive past experience as a cleaner. He enjoyed the work and was good at it, but he had been laid off years ago from his only cleaning job and out of work since.


One barrier he faced was a difficult time answering interview questions. He had the answers he just wasn’t getting them out quickly on the spot. Pete’s Fine Foods Ltd. was happy to have us attend an interview with him to support that process. With the small accommodation of having a reachAbility staff member in his interview to help him get his story across, he nailed the interview and got a job with Pete’s Fine Foods Ltd. as a dishwasher. He has been happily employed there for 2 years.

“In addition to recommending an amazing employee, reachAbility has provided invaluable support to both our employee as well as our leadership staff. With regular check-ins improvement could be quickly identified and managed. This allowed us as employers to identify weaknesses in our own training procedures and work to improve ourselves.”

— L.B., Front End Manager, Pete’s Fine Foods

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