Pillar 2: Keynote Presentations

While our training sessions are often day or half-day long collaborative events, our keynote speaking series is all about boiling the core principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging down into inspiring messages that will fire up your audience and leave them even more committed to advancing accessibility and inclusion. These engagements, led by DEIB leaders from across Canada, are the perfect way to energize and elevate your conference or event.

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Our Presenters

reachAbility’s team of keynote speakers is led by our CEO, Tova Sherman. In addition we work with counselors, HR managers, legal professionals, and DEIB leaders from across Canada to bring you not just best practices, but next practices in DEIB.

“I have never seen our staff so engaged in a workshop. Tova’s energy and knowledge level in the session is on high from beginning to end. Our staff thanked me for sending them to the session and told me how they would apply the learning. We have requested Tova back three times now and over sixty five percent of our staff have attended the session. Every company would benefit from this employee training which promotes understanding, a desire to serve and inclusion.”
-Sharon R, Human Resources Manager

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